Secure payment

Swedbank offers the opportunity to initiate secure payments from account at other banks. Private and business clients who have accounts in:

  • SEB banks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
  • Citadele banks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
  • Luminor banks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
  • LHV bank in Estonia,
  • Swedbank banks in Latvia and Lithuania,

can initiate payments from the accounts held in these banks when transferring money to a bank operating in the same country by using the internet bank of Swedbank in Estonia.

Even though you can fill in the payment form in the environment of the Swedbank Internet Bank, the payment order will be executed by the bank that holds the account from which the payment was initiated.

Customers whose daily Internet bank payment limit is limited or whose current account is not located in Estonia or cannot use the bank link for other reasons can choose the "Pay by transfer" option for payment.

If you choose this payment method, we will send you a prepayment invoice by e-mail after confirming the order.

You have 3 working days to pay the prepayment invoice, and you can pay it all at once or in several installments.

Once the total amount of the invoice has been received in the seller's account, your order will be delivered according to the selected delivery method.

If the prepaid invoice has not been paid within 3 working days, we will consider it your wish to cancel the purchase and we will cancel the order.

When paying the prepayment invoice, please be sure to write your order number in the explanation box of the payment order, this will significantly speed up and simplify the execution of the order.

Attention! The prepayment invoice is not the basis for submitting claims or performing warranty work.

This requires an invoice, which will also be sent by e-mail after the goods have been delivered from the warehouse.